Meet Our Artisans

 We Work Directly with a Community of Artisans in Sicuani Peru.
These lovely people whom we call "Master Artisans," 
live over 4,000 meters above sea level.

Communities of Women Artisan Live in Puno, Peru.
These women work happily in  a beautiful environment and contribute
to the improvement of their families and their own personal growth.

Communities of Women in Cuzco, Peru.
These women work happily and they make every single stuffed animal,
one of a kind.  They put all their heart on their manual work.

Communities of Women Working from Home.
We work with women in Lima that are able to do
their manual hand knit craft from home.
Although we trained them, they are, nonetheless, 
very talented. And, with our alpaca fiber, they
develop their own knitting skills

A Shipment of Our One-Of-A-Kind Alpaca Toys
being prepared   for delivery to the USA.
Alpaca Toy Chicks Ready for Inspection
Before Being Shipped to America

Artisans Preparing Toys for Packaging
to Their Final Destination... United States!

The Toys Are Prepared for a
Comfortable Trip to North America