My name is Leila Diaz. I was born in Peru and moved to New York City in my early twenties.  I started my own company in 2009. After many trips to my native country, I realized  that my heart beats faster when I work with these beautiful women and men artisans who make extraordinary  hand crafted items. I consider them “Master Artisans”. We started to work together with my sister and some other family members. I wanted to show the world the beautiful art handcrafts and creations that they make over 4,000 meters above sea level in the city of Sicuani – Cuzco – Peru.

    My company imports and distributes women’s apparel, accessories and ornaments  made of 100% Premium Baby alpaca and  Organic Cotton.  All my items are very well selected and have an impeccable finish and durability.

    As an owner of a fashion company I strive to contribute not only to the beauty and well being of my clients, but also to improve the environment and quality of life of women in Peru.  Behind the glamour, the lights and the fabulous shopping experiences, high impact both environmentally and socially is being generated.

    Some products are manufactured by communities of women artisans that depend on the earnings generated by my company. All the products come from natural, organic sources, are environmentally safe and 100% void of any sign of animal cruelty.

    I am constantly working to reduce the impact of manufacturing on the environment and at the same time educating my associates to do so as well.

    Alpaca Fiber

    The alpaca, with the scientific name Lama Pacos, is the most numerous of the four South American camelids. According to some researchers, the alpaca comes from the domestication of the vicuna, and lives in the high Andes of Peru and Bolivia. Peru has the 85% of population of alpacas around the world, that means 6 million alpacas living in the mountains.

    The alpaca is an animal of fine appearance, harmonious in their walk, slender body covered with fiber which together are called fleece. Presents footpads feature that gives the condition of ecological animal to avoid damage the pasture, nor cause erosion. The alpaca as domestic species is brought up in herds, their main production is the fiber having any number of colors, from white to brown to black, also the color gray and roan.

     The alpaca starts to play between 2 and 3 years old, has a gestation period of 11.5 months and produces one offspring a year.   

    Alpaca Show in Peru